Who is HAE?

Half Ass Expeditions (HAE) started back in the ’80s as a joke among four guys who go winter mountaineering in Northern New England. It is more or less a reflection of our camping style, which has developed over the years into a peripatetic, rambling, seat-of-the-pants modus operandi. So HAE is unencumbered by elitism and sundry attitudes that characterize high-altitude fraternities and primadonnas who want to be famous. We certainly are not looking to gain celebrity status among the world’s alpine cognoscenti with our own radical style of climbing, even if our exploits have earned us notoriety of local renown, most notably with our families, friends, and professional colleagues.


Instead we look to have some great fun and extreme adventure climbing the White Mountains in the middle of the winter, which, as anyone who is familiar with the region can tell you, is quite a test of backpacking survival skills. Backpacking by it’s nature is the implementation of canonical preparation, after all, only essential items are put in a backpack (…sic), and the most precious of which are the most scarce out on the trail. Yet there seems to be no shortage of our own brand of nothing-is-sacred, self-depreciating slapstick style humor on an HAE expedition.


mapHopefully we have been successful in flavoring the stories here with some of that humor. When HAE takes to the wood we sometimes don’t act much different than a bunch of mountain trash yahoos chasing down a 12 pack of beer. So there is a whole lotta’ of drinking, smoking and ‘cussing going on, and of course, we bring along quite a complement of saws, axes and machetes to thrash and burn wood, just like the locals. If by idealistic standards such questionable behavior in the sensitive wilderness areas may seem to affront sensibilities, or possibly even be outright shocking, one must realize that our attitudes and actions are our own choice, and we at HAE are not here to make any apologies. One must also understand that there is also plenty of poetic license, and how could it be, outright bull slinging, going on here, as HAE authors spins fabulous yarns and tell tall tales.

After all, what’s a fish story if the fish don’t double in size every year?

So kick back, crack open the brew, and check out the adventures of HAE. Oh, and by the way, we highly recommend that you don’t try this winter mountaineering stuff yourself. Just ‘shoe…sic..surf on and enjoy!