What’s In That Food Bag?

It’s What’s for Dinner… The great thing about winter camping: its like you’re walking around in a big refrigerator so you can bring stuff that would ordinarily go bad. Unfortunately, it means frozen foods only! I didn’t have to study thermodynamics to understand that it takes a whole hell of a lot of BTUs to […]

Marcus’ Backpack Unpacked

Backpack – 2002 Mountainsmith Frostfire Sleeping system Everest Qualofil sleeping bag (rated -40 degrees F) Therma-Rest sleeping pad (Full length) Therma-Rest sleeping pad (3/4 length) vapor barrier bag REI Cyclops bivvy bag 9×12 nylon tarp plastic ground sheet Cook system MSR Whiserlite stove w/ 1 liter fuel bottle (filled) MSR Cook Pot sierra cup spoon […]

Bruce McAnus’ Pack List

This list reflects the load for a 4 to 7 day trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in January. Expected temperatures may be down to -30 degrees fahrenheit with moderate snow coverage. Small day hikes from a base camp location. Backpack – The North Face / Capacity: (I forgot, but it’s real big) […]

Fake Ascent, an HAE Interview

FAKE ASCENT A Rare Interview with Half Ass Expeditions by Fredulous Q Montgomerly, Outhouse Magazine Editor After a lifetime of winter survival hiking, Vincentoli Blanteev made it to the top of Bigelow Mountain in January. What he and the rest of the terra-forming HAE team would discover in the years to come, however, is that […]

HAE Boots On Mt Carrigan

A Personal Account of the 1996-1997 Mt. Carrigan, New Hampshire Expedition by Vincentoli Blanteev, your cybah-spaced mountain correspondent.      Perched high in the southern Pemigewasset Wilderness, the 4680 ft. summit of Mt. Carrigian looks out over a watershed of pristine flowing mountain rivers and streams. The area is popular with summer backpackers and day hikers, but […]

Maine Vacationland

1995-1996 Bemis Mountain, Maine Expedition by Vincentoli Blanteev, your cybah-spaced mountain correspondent.      Showing up at Timur ‘s place on December 26, Vincentoli is in agreement with Timur that this years destination should be Maine….again. But they can’t quite figure out where to go. “Dang, we’ve been just about everywhere,” Vincentoli says half-truthfully. Short of spending […]

When Old Man Winter Meets Old Speck

A Synopsis of the ill fated HAE Old Speck Expedition by Vincentoli Blanteev, your cybah-spaced mountain correspondent “…absolutely un *#$&ing! believable!”….Marcus Needlemeyer “Woah…utterly the pure of the most pure survival!”…Timur Novasch “like what happened to you guys?”…Bruce McAnus “…an epic of survival!”…Vincentoli Blanteev TEMP: -40 BELOW  …yo… is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? WIND: 40 MPH  …blowin’ smoke SUPPLIES: […]