The Clamb Continues

CHAPTER 6 IGNORING DETAILS As Blanteev and Marcus made the Half-Assed Camps of 1997-1998 ready, Timur , and his publicity websites, and Vincentoli’s Mom, waited in Framingham, for the arrival of the team. Checking in also was McAnus, an HAE climbing partner and close friend of Novasch’s, who was located at the Seattle office of […]

The Clamb

Taken from The Clamb inner jacket THE CLAMB is a true, gripping, and gag-provoking account of the worst kind of disaster in the history of Maine. On January 3, 1998, two white-trashy looking expeditionaries headed by a great stash attempted to climb one the highest mountains in Maine, but things went terribly wrong. Un-crowded conditions […]

Sleeping With Vincentoli

Introducing Vincentoli’s Sub Zero Sleeping System  I can hear him thrashing from here. What’s all that nylon rustling about…? Read on and learn how Vincentoli sleeps during a winter camping expedition and a bit more about just how anal he is. By Vincentoli Blanteev, your cybor-spaced mountain correspondent. Well, well, well….the day is over and […]

Stove Wars

Timur looks at the all backpacking stoves in his backwoods life.      Throughout my lifetime of hiking I’ve had the opportunity to cook my meals on many different heat sources. My favorite method will always be the classic campfire, but the reality of backwoods travel today is low impact camping. There are many other […]

Old Man Of The Mountain Dies

Saturday, May 3, 2003  Franconia Notch, New Hampshire      The constant thrashing of the Bigtop’s nylon walls from the relentless wind combined with the ripping staccato of McAnus’ amazingly loud snoring was annoying Vincentoli. He couldn’t take it any more. The sound of four feet of unzipping zipper followed by a blast of cold air awoke […]

What Is In Timur’s Pack?

This list reflects the load for a 4 day/3 night trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in January. Expected temperatures may be down to -30 degrees fahrenheit with moderate snow coverage. Small day hikes from a base camp location. (January 2002) In the pack… Sleeping system ◦down sleeping bag (rated -10 degrees F) […]