The Art of the Backwoods Toddy

HAE’s boisterous behavior usually kicks up a few notches during Happy Hour. After a neccesary trip to the watering hole for the primary ingredient, the team settles themselves about the camp stove in anticipation of that steamy hot, alcohol enriched concoction: the Hot Toddy. After a couple of mugs of toddies, the volume goes up […]

HAE’s Gear Hall Of Fame

Welcome to HAE’s Hall of Fame. HAE hikers are constantly tinkering around with equipment and replacing worn out stuff with whatever is the latest in the stores. Over the decades that HAE trips have taken place, every aspect of backpacking equipment has seen multi-generational evolution and revolution. Often times these revolutions are only looked at […]

The Kitbag Examined

If you do any backpacking at all, you are probably familiar with the kitbag. The kitbag is that sack of odds and ends that contains those essential items like bandaids, buttons and matches. You may call it a repair kit or even a survival kit, the kitbag is the backpacking equivelent to the “junk drawer”. […]

Panty Liners for Backpackers

One thing you need to understand when winter hiking, you’re not going to smell better after that walk in the woods! Go winter backpacking or long distance trekking and you can expect to ruin some underwear at the very least. The combination of trail chow, less than adequate bathroom facilities and the befouling nature of backpacking […]