Mountain Climb Game

new_mountainClimb2 In this world of virtual contests and digital competition, sometimes its nice to stop and enjoy games like they were meant to be played. Mountain Climb is a table top game where players are face to face and forced to interact in the real world.

Not a piece of plastic that will end up in a closet for years, the Original Mountain Climb vertical board game is handcrafted wood meant to be seen and enjoyed. The entire family can gather around for a climb. Mountain Climb is extremely easy to learn yet offers a fun challenge for all ages.

Using a pair of standard 6 sided dice, players take turns “climbing the face” with the included “pitons” (game pegs), sending their team to the summit. Along the way, your opponent can knock you off and send you back to the “base camp”. The first to get their team to the summit wins.

…stay tuned, more on the way…