HAE’s Bake Sack on Kickstarter

Half Ass Expeditions has cooked many meals in the woods. We’ve carried all manner of stoves, cook pots and camp utensils in our backpacks.  After more than three decades of camp cuisine, HAE has developed their own style of backwoods cooking. A quick trip to REI or EMS will reveal a mountain of cooking gear and camp food. […]

Greetings From HAE

Welcome to HAE’s On-Line Wilderness Survival Guide featuring the hiking adventures of America’s Least Famous Expeditionaries. You won’t need any crampons or snowshoes but you’ll have to bring your funnybone and an adequate supply of tolerance ‘cuz HAE has got you now…! Please stay tuned as we continue to add to this website.

Old Man Of The Mountain Dies

Saturday, May 3, 2003  Franconia Notch, New Hampshire      The constant thrashing of the Bigtop’s nylon walls from the relentless wind combined with the ripping staccato of McAnus’ amazingly loud snoring was annoying Vincentoli. He couldn’t take it any more. The sound of four feet of unzipping zipper followed by a blast of cold air awoke […]