Wilderness Privy Users’ Guide

From the Half Ass Expeditions Wilderness Guide Series by Timur Novasch, your cybah-spaced mountain correspondent If you have spent any time at all backpacking, you’ve encountered the backwoods privy. Sure some of these unique architectual marvels are a pleasure to use but more often than not, they can become a backwoods adventure you’ll wish you […]

Sleeping With Vincentoli

Introducing Vincentoli’s Sub Zero Sleeping System  I can hear him thrashing from here. What’s all that nylon rustling about…? Read on and learn how Vincentoli sleeps during a winter camping expedition and a bit more about just how anal he is. By Vincentoli Blanteev, your cybor-spaced mountain correspondent. Well, well, well….the day is over and […]

Fake Ascent, an HAE Interview

FAKE ASCENT A Rare Interview with Half Ass Expeditions by Fredulous Q Montgomerly, Outhouse Magazine Editor After a lifetime of winter survival hiking, Vincentoli Blanteev made it to the top of Bigelow Mountain in January. What he and the rest of the terra-forming HAE team would discover in the years to come, however, is that […]