HAE’s Bake Sack on Kickstarter

Half Ass Expeditions has cooked many meals in the woods. We’ve carried all manner of stoves, cook pots and camp utensils in our backpacks.  After more than three decades of camp cuisine, HAE has developed their own style of backwoods cooking. A quick trip to REI or EMS will reveal a mountain of cooking gear and camp food. […]

The Art of the Backwoods Toddy

HAE’s boisterous behavior usually kicks up a few notches during Happy Hour. After a neccesary trip to the watering hole for the primary ingredient, the team settles themselves about the camp stove in anticipation of that steamy hot, alcohol enriched concoction: the Hot Toddy. After a couple of mugs of toddies, the volume goes up […]

What’s In That Food Bag?

It’s What’s for Dinner… The great thing about winter camping: its like you’re walking around in a big refrigerator so you can bring stuff that would ordinarily go bad. Unfortunately, it means frozen foods only! I didn’t have to study thermodynamics to understand that it takes a whole hell of a lot of BTUs to […]