Gordon Pond Winter Retreat

Climate change was having its impact on the global environment but more troubling was the effect on Half Ass Expeditions. Vincentoli had been crunching the numbers at the West Coast HAE facility and concluded New England’s new January Thaw now lasts the entire month. The revelation sent Vincentoli Blanteev over the edge. The flight East was never […]

Owls Head

Normally, a two day hike in November would not be worthy of a spot on the list of “Half Ass Expeditions” especially if the trip features but one original HAE member. Alas, there was more to this hike than the brochure revealed. Two new recruits, night hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and the 4000 […]

Gordon Pond 30 Years Later

The Gordon Pond Trail will always be a favorite hike of Half Ass Expeditions. The HAE team has hiked this trip in every season. It was the very first hike Marcus Needlemeier and Timur Novasch walked together. Representing a life of true hiking enthusiasm, Marcus and Timur are an integral part of the Half Ass […]

Avery Peak Bag

Polar Vortex Bounces Off Name Brand Gortex HAE Headquarters West Interim Report on 2014 Winter Expedition To Maine. (AP) Above deeply wooded Carrebasset Valley to the south and the equally deeply wooded Flagstaff Lake region to the north towers the imposing Bigelow Range. Criss-crossed by spectacular hiking trails the preserved region is a haven for […]

The Clamb Continues

CHAPTER 6 IGNORING DETAILS As Blanteev and Marcus made the Half-Assed Camps of 1997-1998 ready, Timur , and his publicity websites, and Vincentoli’s Mom, waited in Framingham, for the arrival of the team. Checking in also was McAnus, an HAE climbing partner and close friend of Novasch’s, who was located at the Seattle office of […]