HAE’s Bake Sack on Kickstarter

Half Ass Expeditions has cooked many meals in the woods. We’ve carried all manner of stoves, cook pots and camp utensils in our backpacks.  After more than three decades of camp cuisine, HAE has developed their own style of backwoods cooking. A quick trip to REI or EMS will reveal a mountain of cooking gear and camp food. […]

HAE Talks Traction

I bought a pair of MICROspikes after testing a pair last year. This is something I never thought I would buy since already own instep crampons, a pair of Camp “6 points” and MSR’s EVO snowshoes. Let’s talk about these options a bit… I mention the snowshoes because, for years, they have been my crampons. […]

HAE Hiking Drone

30 years ago, as Marcus and Timur first gazed upon the wilderness awesomeness that is Gordon Pond, they dreamed of a piece of gear that could snap photos from above. In 1985, what seemed impossible is a reality in 2015. To commemorate those technological advances HAE whips out the drone to capture the eye-popping foliage. […]

A New Saw For HAE?

HAE gives the Boreal 21 Saw a Good Field Testing. Yepper Buddy, we love our fires. Whether they be the massive Box of Death or the contained Big Top woodstove, burning wood can be an essential part of the Half Ass Expeditions backwoods experience.      This year our Maine expedition featured a relic from […]

HAE’s Gear Hall Of Fame

Welcome to HAE’s Hall of Fame. HAE hikers are constantly tinkering around with equipment and replacing worn out stuff with whatever is the latest in the stores. Over the decades that HAE trips have taken place, every aspect of backpacking equipment has seen multi-generational evolution and revolution. Often times these revolutions are only looked at […]

The Kitbag Examined

If you do any backpacking at all, you are probably familiar with the kitbag. The kitbag is that sack of odds and ends that contains those essential items like bandaids, buttons and matches. You may call it a repair kit or even a survival kit, the kitbag is the backpacking equivelent to the “junk drawer”. […]