Blisters Dice Game Special Edition

Blisters Backpack Edition

    For the uninitiated, Blisters Dice Game is a dice game I created on the Appalachian Trail nearly 30 years ago. It has been selling as Blisters Dice Game until recently. Channel Craft, the company the distributes my game, has renamed it “Take A Hike” (not to be confused with the board game with the same name). Since then I’ve receive many inquiries and disappointed fans that they no longer can buy “Blisters Dice Game”.

Blisters Dice Game

The Original Blisters Dice Game from last century.

Take A Hike dice game      This new packaging has allowed Channel Craft to get my game into new markets. Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops carry this format as well as many other well known stores. However, I was unaware the original Blisters format was discontinued and as people started asking me for a copy, I was perplexed as to why Channel Craft would discontinue an item that still has appeal. As a result, I created this special edition format that features a really cool mini backpack.

    Only available from the Blisters Dice Game website, the new format is assembled, packed and shipped by me (Tim Novak). You will not be able to get this in any stores and it is NOT available wholesale. Truly, this is a Special Edition that will definitely appeal to the dice throwing backpackers out there.

For merely $10.00 (plus shipping) you can buy your very own copy of Blisters Dice Game Special Edition HERE.

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