HAE’s Bake Sack on Kickstarter

Half Ass Expeditions has cooked many meals in the woods. We’ve carried all manner of stoves, cook pots and camp utensils in our backpacks.  After more than three decades of camp cuisine, HAE has developed their own style of backwoods cooking.

A quick trip to REI or EMS will reveal a mountain of cooking gear and camp food. Backpackers like to eat in the wilderness and they have the gear to prove it. Half Ass Expeditions has been on the cutting edge of camp cookery for years.  True fans of HAE already know about the Bake Sack. A super simple concept that proves itself every time we use it, the Bake Sack saves fuel and makes camp food taste better.

North American Gomer

Gomersapien americanus, North American Gomer

The Bake Sack is an insulated stuff sack lined with a scorch resistant fabric. The cook pot can be taken off the stove after bringing the ingredients to a rolling boil. The covered cook pot is then carefully placed inside the Bake Sack without fear of melting or burning the bag. The insulated disc is placed on top of the pot and the Bake Sack is cinched up. The food continues to cook inside the insulated Bake Sack.


I’ve been using the Bake Sack for years. Disbelieving such a product did not already exist, I had one made and I have been using it for 8 seasons!  The Bake Sack will work with most camp cook pots. If you put your cook kit in a stuff sack already, you can swap it out with the Bake Sack.


 Now you can get your very own Bake Sack from HAE!


If you’re interested in getting your very own Bake Sack, you can check out my Kickstarter campaign. It runs for 30 days only so don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Genuine Half Ass Expeditions gear and pledge now! Click HERE.



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