Mountain Climb Game on Kickstarter

For those who don’t know, I developed a few games last century. It all started with Blisters Dice Game, a contest I created while hiking on the Appalachian Trail in 1987. I came up with Mountain Climb and another called Thax. Both Blisters and Thax are still being sold but Mountain Climb was dropped due to the manufacturing costs being so high.  While it did enjoy some success, I’ve always felt this game could do better.

I am happy to announce the Return of Mountain Climb.


After a 10 year absence from the game store shelves, the Mountain Climb game is back with a Kickstarter Campaign.


If you like Backgammon and Connect 4, you’re gonna want this game. Mountain Climb is an American Made game for 2 players. Easy to learn, fun to play, Mountain Climb is perfect for the entire family. Made from beautiful hardwood, Mountain Climb was designed for many lifetimes of play so you’ll be able to pass this game down to your grand kids!

Go to the KICKSTARTER website and support this campaign HERE.

You can play test the game on your PC by clicking HERE.
Go to the Mountain Climb website HERE.

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