Greetings From HAE

Welcome to HAE’s On-Line Wilderness Survival Guide featuring the hiking adventures of America’s Least Famous Expeditionaries. You won’t need any crampons or snowshoes but you’ll have to bring your funnybone and an adequate supply of tolerance ‘cuz HAE has got you now…! Please stay tuned as we continue to add to this website.

HAE’s Bake Sack on Kickstarter

Half Ass Expeditions has cooked many meals in the woods. We’ve carried all manner of stoves, cook pots and camp utensils in our backpacks.  After more than three decades of camp cuisine, HAE has developed their own style of backwoods cooking. A quick trip to REI or EMS will reveal a mountain of cooking gear and camp food. […]

Gordon Pond Winter Retreat

Climate change was having its impact on the global environment but more troubling was the effect on Half Ass Expeditions. Vincentoli had been crunching the numbers at the West Coast HAE facility and concluded New England’s new January Thaw now lasts the entire month. The revelation sent Vincentoli Blanteev over the edge. The flight East was never […]

HAE Talks Traction

I bought a pair of MICROspikes after testing a pair last year. This is something I never thought I would buy since already own instep crampons, a pair of Camp “6 points” and MSR’s EVO snowshoes. Let’s talk about these options a bit… I mention the snowshoes because, for years, they have been my crampons. […]

Owls Head

Normally, a two day hike in November would not be worthy of a spot on the list of “Half Ass Expeditions” especially if the trip features but one original HAE member. Alas, there was more to this hike than the brochure revealed. Two new recruits, night hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and the 4000 […]

HAE Hiking Drone

30 years ago, as Marcus and Timur first gazed upon the wilderness awesomeness that is Gordon Pond, they dreamed of a piece of gear that could snap photos from above. In 1985, what seemed impossible is a reality in 2015. To commemorate those technological advances HAE whips out the drone to capture the eye-popping foliage. […]

Gordon Pond 30 Years Later

The Gordon Pond Trail will always be a favorite hike of Half Ass Expeditions. The HAE team has hiked this trip in every season. It was the very first hike Marcus Needlemeier and Timur Novasch walked together. Representing a life of true hiking enthusiasm, Marcus and Timur are an integral part of the Half Ass […]